Why Should we work together?

You may want to buy or sell your property yourself, however, there are many valid reasons why it is in your best interest to choose me as your agent in this very important decision.

1. Integrity and Honesty

The most important factor that our customers choose is our integrity and honesty.

We know that buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. The result will affect your own life and that of your children.

This is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Our customers know that we choose not to make too many promises. Instead, we prefer to work methodically in a way that wins your trust.


Our team is constantly receiving training in a broad level of skills that range from: marketing, current legislation, tax issues, etc. The big changes that are taking place in real estate require us to always be able to find and to take advantage of the opportunities presented on your behalf.

3. Experience and knowledge of the local market

Do you want a full-time real estate agency that is experienced in the area of ​​the southern suburbs of Athens and with the type of property you intend to sell? Do you want your broker to use a variety of marketing and advertising strategies for your property? Do you want a real estate agency that has proven to have hundreds of sales experience with property owners before you?

4. Availability and commitment.

We consider it very important in our cooperation to keep in constant contact with you. We listen to your goals and clarify your needs. But we do not dwell on that, our customers know that they can easily contact me or my partners to ask anything they want and not just in case of need. It is a prerequisite for our success to have good communication between us.

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