Ways of Cooperation

To sell your property quickly, you need to choose the right real estate agent . If the agent/broker works with a methodical and well-designed plan then you have a good chance of selling quickly.

However, the price you will receive from the sale of the property has to do with other factors. Let’s look at some of them in detail:

Simple Assignment

The owner who chooses the simple assignment, has the opportunity to cooperate for the sale of his property with more than one real estate agency.

This means that real estate brokers who will sell on your behalf will try to do the process at the same time.

This could cause an informal “fight”. As a result of this process, the sale of the property comes to the best possible price.

If you are a real estate agent, you may think that giving a simple assignment to many brokers works in your favor. In reality, however, this is not the case, especially if you are interested in getting a high price. When a buyer negotiates with many brokers at the same time, buying the same property can put more pressure on the seller. He takes advantage of the will of the brokers to win the sale and pushes for a lower price. Sometimes it happens that some brokers do not pay the same attention to the property as it where on an exclusive basis.

My colleagues and I, even in cases of simple assignment sales, work methodically to achieve the best selling price for your property. We undertake the marketing process by immediately informing the REMAX.GR database, we provide you with free photography of the property as well as the posting of a banner, if and when you wish.

Exclusive Assignment

By choosing the exclusive assignment as a way of cooperation, you ensure the best possible promotion of your property. Exclusive assignment is the most common way of cooperation between a seller and a real estate agent worldwide. It has a specific validity of up to 8 months during which I and my associates undertake exclusively the promotion and marketing of your property.

The exclusive assignment to us, is in your interest because first of all we are morally committed to working methodically for the sale of your property. For our office, the best possible service to your interests is paramount, not just sales. We are working to reach the best agreement with the prospective buyer in the shortest possible time.

With the exclusive assignment, the best possible negotiation quality with the potential buyer(s) is clearly ensured, since other brokers are not involved in the process of finding a buyer.

Also when there is an exclusive cooperation with us, we ensure the absolute confidentiality in the sale of your property. We will contact your prospective buyer on your behalf and will only notify you if it shows that it has a serious and reliable purchase offer. This saves you the time of pointless meetings with potential buyers who don’t meet your needs.

The successful sale of a property is the result of, among other things, its dynamic promotion in the market. This is the great advantage in case of exclusive assignment to us. Having all the responsibility for achieving the sale, we invest time, money and effort, with the sole purpose of serving your best interests.

By choosing the exclusive assignment of your property to us, we provide the following

  • Free posting of ads on websites related to the sale of real estate (spitogatos, XE)
  • Create video – presentation
  • Creating color stores with photos
  • Letters of promotion of the property to the residents of the area of ​​the property
  • Update the existing clientele
  • Creating a presentation file of the property
  • Banner on the property
  • View on social media (Facebook, Instagram n . A .)
  • Sending informative e-mails to all RE / MAX partners
  • Acceptance of cooperation with all real estate agencies and except RE / MAX
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