Tips for Sellers

Necessary Documents for the Sale of Real Estate

When a buyer is found for your property and in order to complete the transfer, you must have some official documents that are necessary in order to transfer the property. These are:

  • Photocopy of ID 
  • Photocopy of tax clearance and E9
  • Property title (Contract of ownership) 
  • Building permit, Top view, Topographic
  • Engineer’s Certificate of No Arbitrariness (5 pages) N4995 / 17
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Tax clearance 
  • Certificate of non-debt T.A.P. by the Municipality or the Community to which the property belongs (it is required to present a Certificate of Engineer, last paid PPC account and contract) 
  • ENFIA certificate for the last 5 years
  • Excerpt of cadastral diagram and cadastral sheet
  • When the property comes from parental benefit, donation or inheritance, a certificate from the competent Tax Office that the property does not owe tax 
  • Insurance awareness when the seller is a trader 
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